Your Trip Supports Children’s Park Project & Scholarship Fund

Bhutan Park Project is a social initiative of our sister establishment Tiny Toes Daycare, based in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. The project aims to build and maintain safe and modern children’s parks in urban centers across Bhutan.

Bhutan Park Project started as a pilot study in 2011 when Tiny Toes Daycare, after securing funds from the King of Bhutan’s office, built the first modern children’s park in the country in Thimphu, with branded, molded plastic equipment from India. It replaced the old dilapidated park which was made from makeshift wood and iron, and which was abandoned after it had caused injuries to children.

Since then the project has built similar parks in 9 districts, out of 20, with financial support from the government.

But convincing the government on the wisdom of building children’s parks is not easy. It takes months of communications and persuasions, and many of our proposals wind up in bins because of budget constraints. The project has yet to cover 11 more districts.

Transformational Tours was, therefore, born out of this need to build a ‘sustainable funding scheme’ for the Bhutan Park Project. Proceeds from your trip go to our Bhutan Park Project fund.

By booking your trip with Transformational Tours, you also help our ‘scholarship fund’ initiated by Tiny Toes Daycare to help children from disadvantaged families in urban areas attend daycares and schools.

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