About Transformational Tours

Transformational Tours is a social enterprise and was born out of the need to find a sustainable funding scheme (1) to build and maintain children’s parks in urban areas across Bhutan, and (2) to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds in urban areas attend school. Proceeds from your trip support our Bhutan Park Project and scholarship program daycares and schools.

Transformational Tours also works significantly with rural communities in Bhutan, such as the Khemdro Dairy Farmer’s Group, to enhance the community’s quality of life by creating opportunities for farmers to participate in the country’s growing tourism industry. By booking your trip with us, you are directly contributing to improving the lives of farmers in Bhutan.

To make booking your trip to Bhutan with us easy, personalized and worthwhile, Transformational Tours employs top-of-the shelf smart technology. Our itineraries are based around your interests and schedule, and designed to give you an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime trip.

At Transformational Tours, we don’t want you to just see Bhutan. We want you to immerse in all of Bhutan’s magic and beauty. Whether you’re planning a family adventure travel, unique honeymoon, or solo off-the-grid journey, we create a travel experience that will stay with you long, long, after you leave Bhutan.

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